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Who is Typhoid Mary?

Behind the scenes:

Paranormal – Real or not?






Mark and Andy are best friends, and aspiring filmmakers, seeking
their next project. They decide to investigate the mystery of Mary
Malone, aka Typhoid Mary, who was sent to North Brother Island, a New
York Insane Asylum, to live in a quarantined isolation after she was
blamed for spreading Typhoid Fever. Dozens were infected by the
terrible virus, and several deaths as well. She would eventually die
on North Brother Island, after living for decades in isolation, a
tragic end to a tumultuous life.

Now, ninety-six years later, Mark and Andy set out to discover the
real truth behind Mary’s demise, and travel to the ominous North
Brother Island. Not long after their investigation begins, Andy’s
fiancé, Michelle, attempts to contact Mary’s spirit through a
séance. The next morning, Mark and Andy discover Michelle is not
herself, and she starts to act strange, filled with paranoia and
confusion. When Michelle’s condition takes on a violent turn for
the worse, Mark and Andy become desperate and seek help by contacting
the descendants of those who were responsible for Mary’s torturous
death in solitary confinement. Mark and Andy hope they may hold the
key to saving Michelle but instead they uncover dark, sinister
secrets and a wicked legacy of pure evil and murder. What began as a
simple investigation turns into a battle for survival, where torture
and death appear to be the only outcome.

Mark eventually has to accept the presence of Mary’s paranormal
existence in order to save Michelle and himself, and try to escape.
Typhoid Mary may be dead, but she’s certainly not gone. She has a
story of vengeance she wants told…no matter the cost.



PARANORMAL ASYLUM: THE REVENGE OF TYPHID MARY is a film that features a very
interesting and dynamic casting. Since the very premise of the film
is to focus on a relatively small set of characters, it was
imperative for each and every actor to be a perfect match. The
relationship between each character in the film was created with many
subtle layers that are unfolded as the plot progresses.


(Law & Order, Trenches) plays Mark, a somewhat naïve, yet very
intuitive character, who comes back from Los Angeles to New York to
help Andy with his new project. Mark does not start off as a believer
in anything paranormal, nor does he think much of Andy’s project,
yet he takes the opportunity to rekindle their friendship, as well as
get to do something fun and offbeat. Mark also discovers that he
harbors some deep seated attraction to Andy’s fiancée’s, which
makes it all that more complicated. As the film moves forward, Mark
has to reconsider everything – his friendship, his interest in
Michelle, and above all – his lack of believe in the unnatural.
Aaron is capable in portraying Mark’s innocence and good-nature
character in a very likeable and subtle way.


plays Andy, the jerk and sell-off guy who always puts his own
interests first before others. Nathan, who is an Australia native,
brings an interesting mix of a charismatic devilish self-absorbed
young man who refuses to grow up with an intense and razor sharp guy
who can spot opportunity when it comes. Nathan is capable of
portraying Andy in a way that despite its character’s faults, is
still quite likeable.


plays Michelle, Andy’s fiancée, Mark’s deep seated passion, and
Mary’s body of possession. Aside for her good looks, Laura brings
balance, intensity and surprising twists to her performance of
Michelle. Laura manages to bring a strong and important texture to
her acting and makes a lasting impression.


plays Norm, the quirky, and unstable Prozac using character, who helps Mark get the
information he needs. With a large, unique look and physique, Tym is
capable of creating a very intense and unpredictable Norm, a
character one ever knows what will do next.


plays Dr. Brooks, the very well reserved and apprehensive Exorcist.
Paul has a wealth of acting experience and he brings to Dr. Brooks a
quiet intensity that adds mystery and intrigue in his character.


plays Typhoid Mary, the much abused and forgotten paranormal being of the
film. Jenny, with strong theatrical background, is able to bring
layers of fright, terror, creepiness, as well as humor and pent up
emotions, that are all part of who Typhoid Mary was, or is.


plays Evelyn, the elegant, pretty and mysterious heiress to the man
who owned the island. Where Typhoid Mary is said to have disappeared.
Grace, with her natural beauty and quiet, yet penetrating gaze, is
able to make Evelyn from a side character, to a riveting character of
interest, and of Mark desire.


plays George Sheffield, the derelict and decrepit old man, who is
mysteriously linked to Mary’s disappearance. Boomer brings a much
needed level of creepiness to his character, as one look at him will
send many running to the hills.


Q&A with the actors who plays TYPHOID MARY

Typhoid Mary, a fairly unknown character in the canon of US history and to the masses.

What kind of research did you take on and what intrigued you in her character?
I looked at many images and did a lot of reading on her history and
life events and mostly zeroed in on the fact that although she knew
she was a carrier, she persisted in taking jobs that brought her in
close proximity with many people. This also informed me that she must
have been lonely and somewhat needy as well as possibly socially
awkward and wanted to be accepted into the families she worked for.
Somehow the fact that she loved cooking but was not very good at it
was intriguing.

As an actor, it is often required to add additional emotions or layers
to a character. The Typhoid Mary you played had some dark humor in
her, as well as tenderness.

What choices did you make when creating the character?
I think I used loneliness and the desire to be appreciated as two
character choices as well as maybe some humor about her using her
cooking “skills” as a ghost. She also wanted to find a
place of rest that she never quite found even in the hospital where
she spent many years in quarantine.

If you had to write a sequel, how would you portray Typhoid Mary next?
Typhoid Mary’s cooking show: Great Recipes guaranteed to help you get Typhoid quicker.

What was your experience shooting on location?

The locations on this film were really great and had a lot of atmosphere
so it was easy to get into character.


l-r.: Mark (Aaron Mathias) and Andy (Nathan Spiteri), at the Ship Graveyard

Typhoid Mary (Jenny Lee Mitchell) in front of the abandoned Bannerman Castle Ruins

l-r.: Mark (Aaron Mathias) and Evelyn (Grace Evans) in front of NYC skyline

l-r.: Orderlies, Michelle (Laura Gilreath) at the Hudson River Hospital

l-r.: Michelle (Laura Gilreath) and Mark (Aaron Mathias) at Andy’s house

The Cornish Ruins

Castle at Pollepel Island

Typhoid Mary (Jenny Lee Mitchel)

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